Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

SMEs and independent inventors benefit from our expertise acquired in the research of prior art, the preparation, the filing and the pursuit of patents relating to advanced technologies found, for example, in the industrial, medical and mining fields. The following are some examples in these fields.

Note: Invention Québec uses the professional prior art search tool Derwent Innovation for patent agents.




• Catheter for electrosurgery

• Mitral valve prosthesis

• Acetabular reamer

• Intraocular lens

• Dermo-jet injector

• Femoral bracelet

• Spectroscopic sample encoding method

• Cervical ripening device


Computers and networks


• Optical fiber manufacturing method

• Laser fiber optic junction method

• Fiber optic connector

• Device selector


Production line and process


• Encapsulator station

• Conveyor with servo-controlled trolleys

• Variable head for mixer

• Metal beam management system

• Process for the purification of mining water discharges


Mines and forestry


• Sound absorber for drilling equipment

• Drill bit

• Device for handling explosives

• Hydraulic pruner on crane

• Trench digger

• Oil flow regulator for drill pipe